International Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum

27 decembrie, 17:00 - 31 decembrie, 12:30 Dornach, Elveția

International Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum

Meeting the Essence of Anthroposophy

The Transformative Power of the Foundation Stone Meditation in Man and Society

What gives us today an inner ground for self-knowledge and for the understanding of other people? How can a social and societal life be shaped in the face of globalization and the continuous flow of refugees, and what are the resources we need for this? For the new foundation of the Anthroposophical Society, during the Christmas Conference 1923/24, Rudolf Steiner placed the Foundation Stone Meditation in the hearts of the attending members. He thus opened up the possibility that every person can learn to reshape themselves as a cosmic being, within their relationship to the earthly reality, drawing inspiration from the meditation. In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Conference, we wish to deepen our connection with this meditation with as many people from as many parts of the world as possible, in a conference at the Goetheanum at Christmas 2018. We hope to build and strengthen the inner ground for the future with such a collaborative gathering. In the challenging and crisis-prone world, we believe that working together on the Foundation Stone from all corners of the world, will enable us to develop a greater awareness of global interconnectedness in the intention of cultural transformation. The conference in Dornach will be bilingual, German / English and hopes to stimulate and ways of working, form a profound basis of understanding, exchange research and share experiences. In the festive mood of these days, participants will be able to experience Rudolf Steiner‘s depiction of the Foundation Stone in eurythmy, both in English and German, in contributions, plenary discussions, smaller and larger working groups, forums for mutual exchange and exercises.

For the initiative group,
Christiane Haid, Stefan Hasler, Paul Mackay, Jaap Sijmons and Joan Sleigh


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Calendarul sufletesc

săptămâna 24

Pe sine însăşi creându-se neîncetat,
Fiinţa sufletului de sine însăşi îşi dă seama,
Spiritul cosmic strădania-şi continuă
În cunoaşterea de sine-nvigorată
Şi, din întunecimi de suflet, el creează
Fruct de voinţă al simţului Sinei.

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