Spectacolul de euritmie LISTEN TO THE WIND

01 iunie, 19:30 - 21:00 București Adresă: Scoala de Euritmie, Strada Visinilor, 17. Sector 2. București

touring in Europe

The Eurythmy school from Bucharest is hosting a special performance on first of June at 19:30, Adress Str. Visinilor nr. 17 (zona Hala Traian).

•Who are we?

The Young Stage Group from Eurythmy West Midlands consists of even young gifted eurythmists, Yunwen Huang, Indah van Keulen, Sara Bres,Sophie Khazalia, Flavia Tomescu, Taisuke Sasaki,and LysanneMorissette, coming from The Netherlands, Germany, Canada,Japan, China, Romania and Georgia. We have come together in England to deepen our performance skills, where we are working full time since October 2018, with Maren Stott and Rita Kort as artistic leaders.
Collaborating with:

Geoff Noris- Actor
Domonkos Joszef- Piano
Mircea Marian- Cello
Light Design provider- Constantin Marincea

•The programme “Listen to the Wind”, brings social questions into discussion through the art of performance. Questions about humanity and environment, of individual, identity and community, past and future, the potential of becoming and of breakthroughs. Around the poems “Who are we?” by Kathleen Raine and “Beginners” by Denise Levertov, are embroidered poems and musical pieces that give light to the theme from different angles.

Music illustration by:

•Leoš Janáček „fairytale” part I and II from sonata for piano and cello.
•Pierre Boulez „Messagesquisse” Cello.
•Peter Schulthorpe „Djilile” for piano and cello.
• Dimitri Shostakovich piano pieces nr.6 and 15.
•Claude Debussy Sarabande for piano.

Poems by:

•Thornton Wilder
•E.E. Cummings
•Kathleen Raine
•Denise Levertov
•Shel Silverstein

Please support the artist by donating 40 lei for the performance.

Though the financial aspects should not be a point of you not coming to the performance, you can support in the limits of your possibilities.


Exercițiul zilei

Calendarul sufletesc

săptămâna 9

Uitând de egoitatea voinţei mele,
Căldura Cosmosului, vestind vara,
Îmi umple spiritul şi sufletul;
A Spiritului contemplare-mi porunceşte
Ca în lumină să mă pierd
Şi, cu tărie, presimţirea îmi vesteşte:
Pe tine pierde-te spre-a te găsi.

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