From spiritual research to the consumer
– anthroposophical project in the food industry –


Summer Symposium of the Anthroposophical Society in Romania

From spiritual research to the consumer

– anthroposophical project in the food industry –

From 11th to 17th August 2018, we are organizing a Summer Symposium of the Anthroposophical Society in Romania, in Timișoara. The Symposium has an open character, since participants and lecturers are coming from different European countries.

The main work will take place in workshops, lectures and discussions on anthroposophical research.

In the 5 full days of the Symposium, we will run: two workshop modules in the morning plus one in the afternoon, joint discussion topics and a conference – in the evening; work-shops will not overlap.

Lecturers and topics:

Workshops and talks or lectures will be held in English, German and Romanian languages, with translation.

The fees of attending the Symposium are 250 euro. Accommodation and meals, between 25-40 euro/day/person, according to the individual options expressed in the Registration Form, are additional.

Since the total number of participants is limited to 60 people, due to the configuration of the Symposium venue, please sign up as soon as possible. Confirmation of participation is made by paying the participation fee. Confirmation of the registration will be sent after the participation fee has been transferred. The Symposium begins on Saturday, 11th August, at 17.00; ends on Friday, 17th August, at 13.00.

For more details and other special demands, please send an email, in English, to; phone 0040 753 914 753 – Dan Botez.

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Presentation of the workshops

Contributions and research exercises on the forming forces – Dorian Schmidt

The research of the forming forces creates the possibility of perceiving the forces of life in people and nature and brings the multitude of etheric phenomena into a system ordered by scientific criteria. This applies specifically to areas such as food quality, the action of medicines and therapies, the effects of modern technologies on the human body, or how art affects life – wherever there are basic elements of life. Biological-dynamic agriculture, anthroposophical medicine and many other areas of life use and work with knowledge from the research of the molding forces.

For example, the researches of the forming forces in the field of the effects of food on humans are particularly appreciated. Thus, plants which in their sensory aspect are similar, appear in their etheric manifestation as very differentiated. In this way, for example, the differences between varieties of carrots have particularly specific manifestations in the field of molding forces. Because a plant can act healing and its composition of substances is similar in its forming forces the one that keeps the human organism healthy, or when used unilaterally it can make man sick, investigating the forming forces can be of significant importance for the nutritional value of a food.

During the summer Symposium in Romania, there will be presented exercises for differentiating the being levels: physical – etheric – astral – spiritual and their application in food testing. The various lecturers will try to share to participants as much as possible of their experience.

Empathic Food Tasting Seminar; Discover how food affects your body and soul – Helena Melchior and PhD Uwe Geier

We are used to eat and enjoy our daily food. But we are hardly aware of the effect it has on our life.

When we taste our food with attention, we become aware of the differentiated effects food has on our body and feeling life. It can brighten us up and stimulate us. It can make us feel heavy or nervous or let us calm down and feel safe and grounded.

The empathic reception of these influences can change our relation to food and help us decide what  to eat best.

In our workshop we want to practise empathic food tasting together. Over the days we can deepen our perception. Thus, more themes will turn up.

There will be enough time to deal with these issues, such as: Different approaches to reach a deeper awareness; Investigation of individual ways of perception; Awareness of the group effect and power on an emotional and spiritual level.

There will be also time to explain the scientific use of this method – the Empathic Food Test.

The workshop will take place on 5 mornings, in modules of 1.5 – 2 hours.

Meditation techniques; exercises for self-knowledge – Christine Sutter and PhD Manfred Schleyer

The call for self-knowledge has been resounding since ancient times until our modern times. More than ever, there is a need for exploring man as a revelation of the macrocosm, of an increasingly conscious light penetration of one’s own being as a condition of a worthy human future. This can serve to strengthen our own being in our society with its increasingly fluctuating values, personal development and self-awareness, or the preservation and deepening of authentic relationships with those around us.

Particularly, those acquire meaning in the use of meditative techniques for gaining enlarged knowledge, as is the case in the anthroposophical meditation and especially in the research methods for the moulding forces. There, in-depth self-knowledge is a prerequisite for greater objectivity and for a healthy inclusion of man in the process of knowledge.

In this way, we will try through specific meditative exercises, among others:

Yellow carrots & bread-wheat – „From the farm to the consumers” – PhD Ludger Linnemann and experts

Today anthroposophical research is often compared on the basis of scientific principles, although completely different approaches do not allow this at all.

Out of the biodynamic research we will study examples based on yellow carrots & bread-wheat. Anthroposophical research aims to complete life science, but do not want to replace it. Therefore, it is purposeful to develop in discussions with experts the following topics.

  1. What steps are necessary to understand the exceptional anthroposophical approach better than till now?
  2. How scientific is anthroposophical research and how can everybody verify the results?
  3. Why anthroposophical research needs a community-supported approach “from the farm to the consumers”

Themes of discussion intended to be held in the evenings:

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